How to Upcycle Old Toy Cars

Before you throw out those old toy cars from the back of your kid’s toy chest… Stop!

Along with an old picture frame, you can turn old toy cars into a fun piece of upcycled décor within minutes. An easy way to turn something old into something new – let’s get started!



Start with an old picture frame – preferably wooden so you can paint it. Make sure the frame is wider than the toy cars that you’ll be sticking on to the frame.


Next, paint your picture frame black. Do a couple of layers if necessary.


Next, take a pack of VELCRO® Brand Sticky Back Tape and cut it into small strips (4-5cm long). Stick one half of each strip around the picture frame to make it look like a race track.


Then stick the other half of a strip underneath each toy car.


And that’s it! Stick a couple of toy cars on the frame and pop in a picture!

Use this fun and interactive piece of upcycled décor to decorate a kid’s bedroom or playroom. And kids can take it in turns to move the cars around the “race track” on the frame!


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