How To De-Clutter Your Home Room By Room

How To de-clutter Your Home Room By Room

There’s no denying that de-cluttering your home is a big job. Getting rid of years’ worth of clutter is a time-consuming task and it’s hard to know where to begin. The best way to start organizing your home is to break it down into more manageable and less daunting tasks. Try to tackle the job […]

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Connecting With Consumers #MoreThanAFastener

Velcro Companies presents More Than A Fastener with Jim Hillson

To be an inventor means more than creating a solution to a problem. It’s an expression of creativity with boundless possibilities. As the original pioneers of hook and loop technology, we’ve created innovative solutions for almost 70 years! Beginning with a visionary inventor, inspired by a routine walk in the woods, to the talented idealists that […]

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