Product Development at Velcro Companies

Product Development at Velcro Industries

Velcro Companies has over 50 years of design and manufacturing expertise with hook and loop fasteners, including having designed fastening systems for applications ranging from aerospace to deep sea exploration. Our engineering expertise spans mechanical, chemical, plastics, mathematics, equipment design, electrical, textiles, nonwovens and physics. We specialize in applying this expertise to design the right fastening system for your application and manufacturing process.

The Velcro Group Corporation Innovation and Technology Center specializes in developing new technologies and processes for the design and manufacture of raw materials, converted components and subassemblies, and finished goods using VELCRO® Brand hook and loop technology:

We employ Six Sigma methodologies to every product and maintain our design and development systems in accordance with ISO/TS-16949 for continual improvement. Velcro Companies is committed to the application of local and global intellectual property statutes and the protection of creative ideas.

Analysis and Testing

Velcro Companies can provide a wide range of analysis and testing services at any stage of product development to evaluate and document performance and quality:

We also offer specialty performance testing to ensure compliance with industry government standards:

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