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Professional Series Electrical Applications

VELCRO® Brand Professional Series offers fasteners that organize cable pathways and aid in mounting equipment for electrical systems. VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Tapes are flexible, reusable, easy to reposition, and soft to prevent damage to cables, but strong enough to maintain large cable bundles in a pathway. ONE-WRAP® Tape also includes a fire retardant version for use in plenum space. These fasteners are an adjustable cable management solution that is available in colors that match various cable jackets and identifies specific pathways within different applications. VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Tape’s flexible material reduces stress on cables which helps installers align with TIA-568.D-0 (2018) recommendations. It also complies with NEC (section 300.22, C and D) and is the recommended hook and loop fastening solution of choice by BICSI (ITSIMM, 7th edition) standards.

Electrical cable management

Smart Solutions for Contractors & Installers

Plenum Spaces

Fire retardant fasteners in plenum spaces according to NEC standards. Click the arrow below to learn more.

Cord Management

Adjustable cord organization within work spaces. Click the arrow below to learn why VELCRO® Brand Professional Series fasteners are preferred for desk cable management.

Electrical Cabinets

Flexible fasteners ease the process of identifying defective cables. Avoid injury without using sharp tools and edges. Click the arrow below to learn how VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Tape is a great complement for horizontal & vertical cable management.

Equipment Mounting

Eliminate damage and enable repositioning with no tools required. Click the arrow below to learn why VELCRO® Brand Professional Series fasteners are preferred for desk cable management & equipment mounting.


Labor Savings

Lowers risk of damaging cables & surfaces - Reusable & repositionable - Flexible to support moves, adds, or changes - Can be cycled up to 2,000 times


Easily identify using 13 different colors - Fire retardant version available for plenum space - Complies to TIA Standard (568.D-0, 2018) - Preferred fastener according to BICSI (ITSIMM, 7th Edition)


Conduit - Cable jackets - Cabinets and trays - Plenum rated cable pathways

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General Use ONE-WRAP® Tape - Reusable Cable Ties


Available in various colors
VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Tape - Fire Retardant Cable Ties

VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Fire Retardant Tape

For use in plenum space

Have you considered our adhesive-backed hook & loop as alternatives to traditional fasteners?

VELCRO® Brand Professional Series fasteners allow devices to be removed and repositioned, which eases the process of installing and upgrading electrical equipment. From general use to industrial applications, our Professional Series products are a smart alternative to traditional fasteners and a must-have for any contractor and installer.

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