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To create an original, you need the Original. Check out our full range of products that are designed with one thing in mind: limitless possibilities. From securing your upholstery to bundling up your camping gear, our color-coded VELCRO® Brand product lines help lead you to original creations.

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Since we supported the Apollo Mission back in 1969 we've taken our Innovative solutions and supported different markets including Industrial, Medical, Personal Care, Transportation, Packaging, Military and Apparel Markets. If you'd like to learn more about how we support your market click below

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The health of our employees comes first as we help make the products that are essential in the fight against COVID-19.
VELCRO® Brand Professional Series

New VELCRO® Brand Professional Series

Adjustable and reusable fastening alternatives for installers, contractors & IT personnel.
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Whether you’re a blogger, a life hacker, an inventor or designer---or maybe you just love VELCRO® Brand products, our community is for you!
Boston Bruins Announce 2018 Battle of The Books Presented By Velcro Companies

Battle of the Books 2017

Classrooms Across New England Invited to Nominate their Favorite Book to Compete and Win Weekly Prizes