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Our Innovation & Technology

Our Innovation & Technology


This culture of creativity is in our DNA and allows our global team of designers and engineers to create innovative solutions that solve real-world customer problems and make life easier. With more than 400 active patents and counting, Velcro Companies continues to revolutionize fastening solutions as we have over the last 60 years.

Research & Development Center at Velcro Companies

As the pioneers of hook and loop fastener technology, we held the original patent U.S. Patent 2,717,437 filed on October 15, 1952. Velcro Companies’ Research and Development is a worldwide organization that meets the demands of the global marketplace through product and process development in woven and knit textiles, molded hooks, non-woven loops and a variety of other fastener technologies. Our state-of-the-art facility is located in Manchester, N.H., an advanced engineering hub in the greater Boston area with a deeply rooted legacy in the U.S. textile history.

VELCRO® Brand Technology
U.S. Patent 2,717,437 filed on October 15, 1952 by George de Mestral

Today, Velcro Companies strives to be the dominant innovator in fastening technology through efficient and creative solutions. We are proud of our heritage of innovation and unique ability to create solutions to satisfy our customers’ needs.

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