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Softness is our priority to protect babies’ skin.

Powered by ORIGINAL THINKING®, VELCRO® Brand Personal Care Solutions provide superior softness for baby diapers and adult incontinence products. They have pioneered innovative solutions for the Personal Care industry for decades. 

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VELCRO® Brand soft fasteners are superior in their ability to hold securely, reposition effortlessly while being gentle and easy to use. They help secure diapers, pants and incontinence products worldwide and are simple to integrate into the current manufacturing processes. Our technology continues to drive innovation, differentiation, and market share in the competitive Personal Care industry. Our expertise in raw material manufacturing and innovative technologies are a competitive advantage around the globe.


Providing a superior surface and edge feel, VELCRO® Brand soft fasteners bring flexibility, safety and security to its users, while ensuring comfort to hygienic products.


Our products, such as VELCRO® Brand FLEX-ZONE™ fasteners, eliminate the use of harsh adhesives in diaper tabs, ensuring a more sustainable end product. 

Global Capabilities

Our innovative cross-functional R&D and Commercial teams work with clients to bring product solutions to the market that meet the end-user fastening needs.


We’ve helped in the fight against COVID-19

Learn how our products have protected front line workers in hospitals and in everyday life.

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