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Learn How VELCRO® Brand Products Enhance Baby Diapers

Parents need to know what diapers are made of and what to expect for performance and fit. This includes an easy to use solution, free from harmful chemicals, with the ability to contain messes and adapt while babies grow, wiggle and play. Since so much is expected out of baby diapers, designers need to be deliberate about the materials they choose for their products. VELCRO® Brand fasteners have proven to be a trusted solution for disposable diapers for many reasons.

Baby Diaper Softness on the Skin

Personal care designers need durable but flexible materials that can handle any mess and provide comfort to any baby, from newborn to toddler. A baby’s skin is 33% thinner than an adult’s and will continue to develop in the first year of life which means that any material touching a baby’s skin must be able to protect it. VELCRO® Brand fasteners are soft on the skin, meeting parents’ expectations for a product that is gentle on their baby.

Flexibility & Adjustability for Comfort & Absorbency

As babies become more active, diapers will need flexibility and adjustability to accommodate crawling and walking. As opposed to other fasteners, such as snaps, VELCRO® Brand fasteners are made from soft, flexible materials that won’t leave a mark as babies grow and range of motion increases.

A parent’s perception of quality and performance usually hinges on absorbency. A loose-fitting diaper causes leakages, but when the diaper provides a comfortable fit, it is likely to hold and absorb any mess a newborn or toddler can create. Due to their ability to adjust and conform to countless baby shapes and sizes, VELCRO® Brand fasteners are optimal for a snug and gentle fit.

Sustainability & Transparency in Baby Diaper Materials


Parents also want to know that their baby diapers do not contain harmful chemicals to prevent exposure for their little ones and protect the environment. Each designer has specific requirements set by local regulations and consumer needs. REACH, OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 and Dermatest® are examples of standards with which VELCRO® Brand products comply.

The VELCRO® Brand Personal Care team works closely with every customer to ensure their products meet their standards and are free from any taboo materials. For instance, VELCRO® Brand FLEX-ZONE™ fasteners are frequently used as diaper tabs and are specifically designed without adhesive.

Where are VELCRO® Brand Fasteners Applied

Hook and loop baby diaper tabs

VELCRO® Brand fasteners are used as the fastening system in the waist to hold the diaper together while in use. These low-profile fasteners include high technology hooks that are specifically designed for performance and comfort.

Whether your application is delicate like a diaper or rugged like a ski jacket, our engineers will work closely with you to develop a unique, optimized solution.

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