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Construction solutions

Construction solutions

Original fasteners that reduce scrap, labor & chemicals.

Our VELCRO® Brand Construction Fasteners help to improve productivity and safety, minimizing residues and chemical waste. This includes fasteners for permanent fixtures such as mounting solar panels and easy to remove, low profile closures for abrasives.

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The VELCRO® Brand offers construction fastening systems that are easy to apply, safe to use and provide a greener alternative for manufacturers, architects, and builders – that can help earn green building rating points. These attachment solutions reduce the use of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), eliminate adhesive off-gassing and reduce job site waste. All the while reducing the installation time and the need for tools, making construction quicker and more affordable. Our systems are environmentally friendly and efficient while prioritizing workers’ health and safety.

Labor Savings & Safety

Our solutions eliminate the need for tools and are easy to replace and reposition. This helps to lower labor costs, prevent mistakes and accidents, and improve precision.

Efficiency in Time and Labor in in

VELCRO® Brand closures reduce the time needed for installation and maintenance, while making the mounting process easier and allowing a complete removal.

Environmentally Friendly

Our construction fasteners help users earn green building points by using fewer chemical components and solvents, and generating less residues and waste.


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