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Commercial Roofing Systems Attached with VELCRO® Brand Products Survived this Devastating Derecho Storm

One of the most important business investments is asset protection. From staff to intellectual property to facility maintenance, it’s important to protect the assets that keep the business afloat. For many large warehouses that span thousands of square feet, natural disasters can shutter operations for weeks if the building is not properly protected. Here is an example of how Carlisle Construction Materials’ RapidLock™ Roofing System secured with VELCRO® Brand products protected commercial buildings during a severe storm in the American Midwest.

How a Derecho Storm Created Destruction for Businesses in the Midwest

On August 10, 2020, the American Midwest endured a devastating derecho, a line of intense widespread and fast-moving storms that traveled across a great distance. The derecho was one of the worst the Midwest had seen, as it included winds as strong as 140 miles per hour across a 40-mile-wide path of destruction.

How VELCRO® Brand Products Helped RapidLock™ Roofing Systems Weather the Storm

Carlisle Roofing System vs. Derecho Storm

The derecho was devastating for hundreds of local businesses and commercial structures. The storm had damaged or completely removed roofs from most structures in its path, but 29 roofs remained intact because they all had one thing in common: they were secured by Carlisle Construction Materials’ RapidLock™ system featuring VELCRO® Brand products. Many commercial roofing systems were found laying in nearby parking lots, but the strength of the Carlisle Construction Materials’ RapidLock EPDM, TPO, and PVC roofing systems withstood the extreme conditions from the derecho.

Some of the buildings using RapidLock™ technology included two schools in Marion, IA, which withstood 130+ mph winds and hail. These projects were identical in design and spanned approximately 75,000 square feet.

View the RapidLock™ roofing system vs. Derecho.

Benefits of a Commercial Roofing System Attached with VELCRO® Brand Hook & Loop

Commercial Roof Systems

Carlisle Construction Materials chose VELCRO® Brand products to secure its RapidLock™ EPDM, TPO, and PVC systems. As opposed to traditional mechanical fasteners, VELCRO® Brand closures reduce overall product bulk, protect workers from harmful chemicals and sharp tools, and reduce the risk of damaging materials. Without the need for special adhesives, VELCRO® Brand products can help roofing companies install their systems year-round, opening the opportunity for three or four more months of business.

Between time and labor, businesses see an average return of 50% savings on installation costs by attaching commercial roofing systems with hook & loop fasteners.

Locally Sourced Products for Ease on Supply Chains

Commercial Roof Systems & Supply Chains

We know that the cost of materials is rising as demand is exceeding supply. Our products are locally sourced, and we have manufacturing facilities and sales offices located worldwide to help reduce supply chain delays. We have hundreds of products in stock that are ready to ship. Speak to one of our representatives to learn how we can deliver a dependable commercial roofing system attachment and keep your business running smoothly during challenging times.

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