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Movable Walls Made For Post-COVID Offices

As the pandemic unfolds, working from home has become the norm for a lot of people. Around 42% of the US labor force is now working from home due to COVID and 4-in 10 people in the EU. Adjusting to this new life may take a while for companies to reopen offices, but when they do, their employees’ safety and comfort will be a top priority. Social distancing practices will be implemented, and the office layout should focus on de-densifying spaces. As a part of this spatial and physical separation, the need for a solution to help provide customized office layouts, social distancing practices, and a solution to maintain productivity is a must. That’s where JuuNoo comes in. Powered by VELCRO® Brand fasteners, JuuNoo’s movable walls are the perfect solution made for evolving spaces.

How JuuNoo Movable Walls Work

The JuuNoo wall system is a solid interior wall purposed to increase productivity in office spaces. The movable office wall cleverly divides areas using their patented telescopic structure, which is fastened to the floor and ceiling. Panels are then affixed to the frame using our VELCRO® Brand hook and loop technology.

The VELCRO® Brand Added Value

When JuuNoo came to Velcro Companies, they were looking for solutions that enhanced the system’s ease-of-use nature. Our VELCRO® Brand fasteners help install JuuNoo walls quickly and efficiently. Using our hook and loop fasteners to affix the panels, they can easily be mounted onto the frame. When it’s time to dismantle the wall, the fasteners disengage with no problem.

“VELCRO® Brand Fasteners allow us to combine speed, reusability & invisibility in one solution. Outperforming nails, screws, & glue.”

Chris Van de Voorde, CEO

Without the need for tools, contractors can spend less time hammering and more time focused on the larger project at hand. Thanks to our VELCRO® Brand fasteners, the panels are easy to take on and off. This makes reusing the building materials that much simpler.

JuuNoo and VELCRO® Brand Are Revolutionizing Movable Walls for Office Spaces

If lockdown has taught us anything, companies can successfully maintain their businesses as their employees work remotely. This new shift in mindset leaves employers to downsize their highest fixed costs and keep remote work possible. While downsizing is great for companies’ bottom line, for contractors, the influx of projects mixed with tight deadlines and customized office layouts can be a large undertaking.

A Customized Solution With Smooth Installation

Did you know that 40% of the planet’s waste is derived from construction? Instead of demolishing and building a new wall, the JuuNoo system can be dismantled and set up again, eliminating all wall construction waste. This circular economy solution is changing the construction world towards a sustainable market, but the reuse of materials makes installation simple with endless configurations for spaces.

Help Maintain Productivity

While getting back to the office, there can be new sound and visuals distractions, so the office’s layout must accommodate productivity. Open spaces are 40% less efficient. By adding JuuNoo wall systems, this combination of strong materials and clever innovations are structured for excellent acoustics, muffling sound, and keeping the office quieter.

VELCRO® Brand Solutions were able to help JuuNoo revolutionize the way movable walls are made. With its sleek design and high performance, this solution certainly flips the industry on its head.

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