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Furniture Fasteners & Today’s Manufacturing Climate

As the global pandemic continues, the furniture market has been flipped on its head. More people are spending more time at home and the furniture market is reacting to this dynamic. To meet the change in the market, most sectors in the furniture market are pushing their residential lines over commercial offerings. Soft furniture manufacturers are directly affected by this shift in demand – customers are now looking for solutions that can easily translate from commercial to residential while maintaining timelines and budgets. With our VELCRO® Brand specialty furniture fasteners, manufacturers can provide solutions for the market’s new complexities. Learn how we’ve developed fully customized and high-end finishing solutions for our customers and their clients.

How the Furniture Manufacturing Industry is Changing

Since lockdown began, the furniture market is seeing a pivotal shift in the industry. Mandates around the world are asking people to spend time at home and less time out and about. While many consumers are at home, a large majority of offices, hotels, and other commercial facilities have yet to reopen. Consumers are shifting their buying behavior to investing in their homes and furnishing over vacations and dining out. With less demand in the commercial furniture space, furniture manufactures are switching operations and redirecting their focus to the residential market.

For many consumers, travel has stopped, and this expense is being deployed towards a new home sofa or desk. The increase in demand mixed with layoffs in the industry has led to delays in timelines and inflation. Office furniture manufacturer iMovR has shifted its focus from commercial offices to at-home and has seen their business triple since February. Belfield, a sofa manufacturer in the UK, has shared that their Sofi range has jumped 170% since lockdown began. Simultaneously, delays in the manufacturing process could take an additional six weeks to fulfill orders.

As the furniture market shifts its focus to residential, manufacturers need solutions to help speed production and customizable offerings that can change instantly. That’s where our furniture fasteners can help.

VELCRO® Brand Furniture Fasteners for the change in the market

 We offer a complete product portfolio specifically designed for high-quality soft furnishings (including sofas). Starting from the sofa design process, our diverse range of products, combined with our converting capabilities and engineering services, allow us to partner with leading furniture manufacturers worldwide. Our solutions are equipped to help top sofa brands in a variety of ways:

Saving Time With Our Furniture Fasteners

residential sofa with furniture fasteners

With such a high demand for a change in the industry, our VELCRO® Brand furniture fasteners can reduce sewing and assembly times. Our fasteners are easy to seam and can help reposition fabric with precision. Manufacturing furniture interiors can be quicker than ever – in fact, one of our customers was able to reduce cover installation times by 15 minutes!

Upholstery Fasteners That Make Soft Furnishings Customizable and Easy To Clean

As designers and architects design for customizability, their soft furnishings should replicate this mentality. Our highly developed product range satisfies various fabric offerings, so choosing any textile is not a problem. Our furniture fasteners can also provide a removable furniture cover, allowing for an easy-to-clean and stylized surface.

Our Solutions Provide Superior Quality & Finish

As design trends move away from mid-century modern and shift towards curved silhouettes, furniture manufacturers need fasteners that flex with the sofa’s curves. Unlike ridged traditional fasteners, our VELCRO® Brand hook and loop solutions are low-profile, provide constant strength over time, and contour with the fabric to provide flexibility.  Our solutions are also integrated into the sofa, providing a cleaner seam invisible to the eye.

As the market changes, so should your production solutions. Our VELCRO® Brand furniture fasteners are equipped to help reduce assembly times and provide quality solutions for your designs, making the transition from commercial to residential that much easier.

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