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Here is how Toddler Diaper Designs can Remain Secure while Enabling Movement

Kids grow up so fast. When infants become toddlers, their crawling quickly transitions into walking, running and climbing. As a child grows and becomes more mobile, their diapers need to adapt to this newfound movement and flexibility. Here is how diaper manufacturers can use VELCRO® Brand fasteners to design products that will move with a toddler, but without compromising on security.

Allowing the Freedom of Movement for Toddler Diapers

Allowing the Freedom of Movement for Toddler Diapers

It’s been reported that toddlers take as many as 17,000 steps a day, more than many adults. This is why it is important for toddler diaper brands to design products using materials that are soft and flexible to allow toddlers to move freely.

Many traditional fasteners such as buttons or snaps are rigid and can irritate the child’s skin. Furthermore, they are limited to a pre-set series of mating zones that do not always accommodate for toddlers of all shapes and sizes.

Hook and loop closures such as VELCRO® Brand FLEX-ZONE™ fasteners are soft to the touch and made from adhesive free and flexible materials to eliminate irritation and maximize movement. They also include large landing zones which is important to align with toddlers of any size, particularly considering their rapid growth during these ages.

How Toddler Diaper Designs Enable Movement without Sacrificing Security

How Toddler Diaper Designs Enable Movement without Sacrificing Security

A major challenge facing toddler diaper brands is how to design products that are flexible enough to allow constant movement, but strong enough to hold together, preventing leaks and accidents.

VELCRO® Brand fasteners are easy to close with a simple touch against the landing zone. Without any mechanical parts to break down, they can be depended on by parents to retain moisture and remain secure while toddlers put them to the test with constant walking and climbing.

VELCRO® Brand Products Add Sustainability & Peace of Mind for Toddler Diaper Manufacturers

With VELCRO® Brand products, parents can have the peace of mind that their toddler diapers are made from sustainable materials. VELCRO® Brand closures are made with single resins and when paired with diaper materials of similar composition, the end product is easier to recycle. To help produce natural and chemical-free diaper products, VELCRO® Brand FLEX-ZONE™ Fasteners are adhesive-free and certain products can be OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified.

Toddler lifestyles are far different from infants. That is why it is important to design toddler diapers that can align with their active habits. To make sure your products are meeting all of your customers’ needs, consider adhesive-free VELCRO® Brand fasteners. Talk to us to learn how we can create an optimized solution aligned to your specifications.

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