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VELCRO® Brand Fasteners for Adult Incontinence products help to Maximize Lifestyles

No one wants to be defined by their incontinence. Adults want and need to be mobile, whether it’s traveling on public transportation or going for a walk, but it’s a quandary when you never know when incontinence will strike. It’s not easy to be tethered to a bathroom and even worse if the undergarment is not secure, comfortable or absorbent. Here is how VELCRO® Brand products enhance absorbency, security and comfort for adult incontinence products.

Adult Incontinence Products Need to be Flexible & Secure to Align with Adult Lifestyles

Flexibility for Adult Incontinence

The CDC recommends 150 minutes of exercise each week to prevent chronic health conditions so adults need a garment that supports their condition and adapts to their lifestyle. This means garments are expected to be flexible for range of motion and adjustable to maximize comfort and various body types. In addition to this versatility, adult incontinence products can’t compromise on absorbency, which means they need to have a close fit that remains secure while staying active.

How VELCRO® Brand Products are Applied to Adult Incontinence Products

Security for Adult Incontinence Products

VELCRO® Brand fasteners are incorporated into disposable adult incontinence products to enhance the fit and security while in use. These fasteners are designed for performance and comfort for those who depend on them.

The Advantage of VELCRO® Brand Fasteners for Adult Incontinence Products


Various fastener types have been tried over the years such as buttons, adhesive tapes and snaps, but those are limited in terms of adjustability and are challenging to line up and fasten, especially for those with limited dexterity.

VELCRO® Brand FLEX-ZONE™ fasteners are easy to mate together and have a large landing zone that makes them easy to adjust. With the correct fit, this helps better secure the garment, maximizing absorbency.

VELCRO® Brand products are made from soft, flexible materials that are easy on the skin and adapt to assist with range of motion and reduce irritation. Furthermore, FLEX-ZONE™ fasteners are adhesive-free and can be OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified, giving the user peace of mind that fewer chemicals are used in their garment.

Our global manufacturing locations can help serve your operations and simplify your supply chains, wherever your business is located. If your application is delicate like a diaper for a newborn or intended for active toddlers or adults, our engineers will work closely with you to develop a unique, optimized solution. Contact us to learn how we can develop a fastening solution for your application.

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