Correct Smart Service Loops with the VELCRO® Brand

Service loops are a common courtesy for contractors that need to move or extend cable pathways at a later time. In the event of renovations or if equipment needs to be relocated, a service loop is the hero to lengthen cable runs to for re-termination, and VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Tape is the sidekick. How Service […]

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Panter, Safety Shoe Manufacturer, Collaborates with the VELCRO® Brand

panter safety shoe

  Since 1979, Panter has been the leading safety shoe manufacturer within the labor and uniform industries. Today, they ship from their manufacturing facility in Spain to all over the world. As their presence continues to grow, they’ve fostered relationships with brands around the globe and have presented their innovations from Madrid to Dubai. Dedicated […]

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Celebrate International Women’s Day with VELCRO® Brand! 

International Womens Day

Happy International Women’s Day! Today, we honor the amazing women who have made our company strong, fearless, and a resource for innovation. Our digital team had the privilege of interviewing five women, whose diverse careers and experiences have lifted Velcro Companies to success. Check out their interviews below:  Carmen Talavera — Sr. Supply Chain Manager, VAP  My name is Carmen Talavera, and I’m the supply chain manager for Velcro Agua Prieta, and I’m also responsible for the Douglas warehouse.   […]

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How to Use Less Plastic in Your Garden

Plastic Free Gardening Tips

Plastic can be a very useful material in the garden but it comes at a high cost to wildlife and the environment. Like many gardeners, if you’re keen to do your bit for the planet, read on for our top tips on how to reduce the single-use plastic in your garden. How to reduce the […]

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How to Organize Your Home Office

How to Organize Your Home Office

A tidy office leads to a tidy mind! And you’ll be surprised how much more productive you can be in your home office when you’re not surrounded by clutter. Read on for our top home office organization tips, and find out how to make your office a much tidier, more efficient workspace. Home office organization […]

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How to Fix a Worn Out Sander

How to Repair a Worn Out Sander

Are your sanding pads no longer sticking to your electric sander? It can be extremely frustrating when your sanding pads fly off in the middle of a job but we’re here to tell you that it’s extremely easy to fix. All you need to do is replace the original hook and loop on your sander […]

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3 Reasons Why Reusable, Plenum Rated Cable Ties Are Needed for Retrofittings

Plenum Rated Cable Ties

Many growing cities are moving new businesses into retrofitted mill and manufacturing buildings which include exposed cables and pipes that are ordinarily hidden by drop ceilings. In these environments, cable installations need to serve the business, but also comply to strict building codes and blend into their surroundings. VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Fire Retardant (FR) Tape […]

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How to Make a DIY Cushion Cover

DIY Cushion Cover

Spruce up your home décor with a DIY cushion cover! Quick and easy to make without a sewing machine, follow this simple step-by-step tutorial to find out how to make your own cushion by hand. How to make a cushion cover by hand Difficulty level Easy Time needed 1 – 1½ hours Materials Two pieces of material […]

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How to Organize Desk Drawers Easily & Efficiently

How to Organize Desk Drawers

Say goodbye to messy desk drawers with our quick and easy organization ideas! If you’re constantly rummaging through your desk drawers to find what you need, our tips will show you the best organizing tips and tricks for keeping your desk drawers neat and tidy, for good. Let’s start organizing! Top 10 Desk Drawer Organization […]

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Oscars 2020: 7 Eye-Catching Outfits from the Red Carpet

Oscars 2020 Eye-Catching Outfits

It was Parasite’s time to shine at the 2020 Oscars, but away from the ceremony, stars were causing a stir with their eye-catching outfits. Here’s a look at the most talked about looks from the 2020 Academy Awards. James Corden and Rebel Wilson In a good-humored nod to the poorly received movie, Cats, James Corden […]

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Oscars 2020: Best Dressed on the Red Carpet

Best Dressed at the 2020 Oscars

Hollywood’s biggest A-listers turned in full force last night for the 2020 Academy Awards – and the fashion did not disappoint! Here are the most stand-out style moments from the best dressed on the Oscars red carpet in Los Angeles. Renee Zellweger Renee picked up her second Oscar for her leading role in Judy – […]

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Upgrading your Data Center to CAT 6 Cables? Enhance your Cable Ties Too!

Upgrading to CAT-6 Cables

In today’s digital era, technology is constantly updating, but are your cables ready to handle the additional data flow? Upgrading technology and software helps a business function more efficiently, but it also demands higher bandwidth that needs to be transferred through advanced cabling. It’s been said that 80 – 90% of new networks will be […]

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How to Organize Your Desk

Desk Organization Tips

Do you struggle to keep your desk tidy? Is there so much clutter that you find yourself unfocused and unable to find things you need? Well we’re here to help! Read on for our top desk organization tips – from tidying your desktop to organizing your desk drawers, use these tips to create a neat, tidy and […]

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Best practices on desk cable management

Desk cable management

No installation is complete without desk cable management. This is a nice finishing touch to your job and the customer’s workplace will look professional and be more productive. Why not further impress your customer with this addition? Here are some tips on how to approach desk cable management. Shorten lengthy cables by wrapping them up […]

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Easy Overhead Storage Ideas for Your Garage

Overhead Garage Storage Ideas

Who doesn’t dream of a perfectly organized garage? Well here’s the secret – make the most of overhead space.  We bet you’re not already using it and with VELCRO® Brand EASY HANG™ Straps, it’s easy to create extra storage space for bulky, awkwardly shaped items that are cluttering the floor. Read on to discover five typical garage items that […]

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