Dorm Room Décor Ideas That Won’t Damage The Walls

Moving into college soon? If you’re looking for cheap, Instagrammable ways to decorate your new digs that won’t damage the walls, look no further than these dorm room decor ideas! We’ve rounded up our favorite ways to put your own stamp on your uni room and make it a home away from home. And since […]

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First Day of School Classroom Activity – First Day Feelings

The first day of school can be filled with all sorts of emotions. Learn how your students are adjusting with this classroom activity — the first-day feelings board! You’ll have your kiddos feeling over the moon in no time!   Here’s what you’ll need: Download our free activity sheet Scissors Posterboard VELCRO® Brand Sticky Back […]

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Top 3 Homework Station Ideas to Keep Your Kids Organized

homework station blog post-header

School is right around the corner and with homework following closely behind, a space for your kids to get it all done is a must. From summer to the start of the school year, create a homework space that will grow with your kids. With these top three homework station ideas, you’ll have your kids […]

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Put The Planets In Order – Classroom Activity Idea

Teach children about the solar system with this fun and interactive classroom activity idea! Perfect for elementary school science lessons, download our free printable planets to create a bright and colorful classroom display that lets schoolchildren take it in turns sticking the planets in the correct order! WHAT YOU NEED Free printable planets Thin white […]

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Race To The Moon Timeline – Classroom Activity Idea

Race to the Moon Timeline - Classroom Activity Idea - Featured Image

This year man celebrated the 50th anniversary of the moon landing – one of the most important moments in space exploration,  and no doubt it’ll be on your science syllabus this year! So if you’re looking for a fun lesson idea to teach kids about the moon landing, here’s an interactive classroom activity idea that […]

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Learn The Phases Of The Moon – Classroom Activity

Teach children about the phases of the moon with this fun and interactive classroom activity idea! Perfect for elementary school science lessons, download our free printable phases of the moon to create an engaging classroom display that lets children take it in turns putting the phases of the moon in the correct order. WHAT YOU […]

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attendance tracker race game for september final with winners

Tired of the same old attendance roll-call? Get creative with how you keep track of your students’ attendance this year. Use our easy step-by-step guide below to create a fun, interactive attendance tracker race game display for your classroom. Not only will it look great in your classroom but it can also serve as a lesson in responsibility. By nominating a student […]

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basket of school supplies

Back-to-school is just around the corner. While some of us are trying to squeeze in the last drops of summer, for teachers, it’s time to start getting ready for the new school year. We know what a busy time that can be. To help out, and possibly free up some time for one more beach […]

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Create Your Own Back-To-School Makeover

Teachers and parents know all too well that summer is coming to a close and back-to-school season has arrived. Here at VELCRO® Brand, we’re strongly committed to improving education for children and teachers around the world— in order to help create the next generation of innovators and inventors.

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Create Your Own Back-To-School Zone with Sabrina Soto

Keeping your house and home in order can be a tall task during the school year, and having a designated space for school work helps a ton. See how Sabrina uses VELCRO® Brand Products to set up a convenient and organized Back-to-School zone.

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Sabrina Soto’s Top Back-To-School Hacks

Since we’re all about easy solutions and since back-to-school is one of our favorite times of the year, we’ve enlisted the help of our VELCRO® Brand Ambassador and Lifestyle Expert, Sabrina Soto to share some of her top tips to keeping the back-to-school season as stress-free (and organized!) as possible—the VELCRO® Brand way. 

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Here’s To You, Teachers!

It’s Here! The First-Ever Classroom Takeover Contest in Honor of National Teacher Appreciation Week.


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