Easy DIY Vertical Herb Garden

DIY Vertical Herb Garden

There’s nothing like having fresh herbs to add to spring and summer meals. But every so often I’m looking for fresh oregano, thyme or basil to add to a dish, and have to walk out to the garden to harvest it. Why not bring the herbs closer to the kitchen? How to start a vertical […]

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April Gardening Jobs

April Gardening Jobs - Featured Image

April is here and spring has finally sprung! With the longer days and better weather, April is the perfect time to get back out into the garden. This month is all about planting and sowing so read on for the main gardening jobs for April and to find out what to do in the garden this […]

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Featured Image

Starting a vegetable garden? Before you get stuck in, check out these top tips that every gardener should know. From choosing the best location to finding out what to grow when your journey towards planting a thriving vegetable garden starts here! 5 TOP TIPS FOR GROWING A VEGETABLE GARDEN 1. PICK THE RIGHT LOCATION The most important tip […]

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How to Take Care of Houseplants

Houseplants are hot, especially among millennial gardeners. Having houseplants boosts your mood, cleans the indoor air and increases your sense of well being. But while the idea of having plants around your home or apartment is appealing, many people struggle caring for them. Depending on your houseplant, they may need little care or lots of […]

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Simple Seed Starting

Indoor seed starting is not as popular as buying transplants at the garden center, but there are advantages to starting your own seeds indoors. First of all, it can save you lots of money. A packet of tomato seeds costs less than $5 and will yield dozens of plants, depending on the variety. A pack […]

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What to Do in the Garden in February

February is the perfect time to start getting your garden ready for spring. Yes, it’s still cold and wintery outside but subtle signs of spring are starting to show. If you’re wondering what to do in the garden this month, read on for ten essential gardening jobs for February. WHAT TO DO IN THE GARDEN […]

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5 Best Houseplants And How to Care for Them

Houseplants are hot again! Led by millennials, more people are buying and growing houseplants to create a green oasis in their homes. And why not? Having houseplants at home, and at work, purifies the air, reduces blood pressure, raises attentiveness and well-being, reduces anxiety and increases productivity. Houseplants are a Godsend, especially for people in […]

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Humming Bird

It’s a new year with lots of gardening to do! And while the weather’s still cold and there’s not much planting to do yet, there are still plenty of jobs to do in the garden. Use this month to get your garden and your tools ready for spring, in preparation for when the weather gets […]

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Gardeners

With the holiday season upon us, there’s a scurry of activity to find the perfect gift for the gardener in the family. Gardeners can be picky gift receivers so it’s sometimes a struggle to find the right present. Based on 35 years of  giving and getting gardening gifts, here are some of my favorite ideas […]

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Get Your Garden Shed Organized for Winter

Now that the garden chores are finishing up for the season, it’s time to turn our attention to the garden shed, garage, basement… you know, wherever you store your tools and garden supplies! If you’re like me, I just throw tools, stakes, watering cans…. into the garage in summer always thinking I’ll clean it up […]

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Autumn Garden Cleanup: How to Prepare for Winter

In many parts of the country, October is time to tidy up and wrap up the garden. (Apologies to those warm climate gardeners still growing strong into the winter). As plants are slowing their growth and dying, there’s lots of chores and cleaning out to do to get ready for winter. Perennial flower gardens need […]

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Wedding Decorating with VELCRO® Brand Garden Ties

September is a beautiful month in Vermont to get married. Recently my niece decided to, not only get married in September, but to do it at our house. We were happy to help her and her husband create a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony and celebration at our home. We were particularly happy to help with […]

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Summer Gardening Videos of Velcro® Brand Garden Products

There’s nothing like seeing VELCRO® Brand Garden Products in action. Recently I spent 2 days shooting promotional and educational videos for VELCRO® Brand Garden Products at a nursery in New Hampshire. It was sunny, hot and fun! Many gardeners know about the versatility, ease of use and durability of the VELCRO® Brand Garden Ties. I’ve […]

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Velcro® Brand Garden Ties Support Colorful Peppers

One of the treats of growing up an Italian-American was eating my mother’s homemade sauteed hot sausage and fried peppers, with Italian bread. The sausage was hot, the Italian bull’s horn peppers were sweet and it everything was dripping with basil infused olive oil. Yum! I’m a vegetarian now, but I still enjoy those sweet […]

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Lovely Lilies

Early summer is lily time. While many gardeners grow daylilies, in this blog I focus on the bulb lilies such as Oriental, Asiatic, Trumpet and Tiger lilies. These lilies really put on a show. They range from the Oriental lilies with “knock your socks off” fragrance, to the multi-colored Asiatic lilies that dazzle a garden, […]

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