Create Organized Data Centers with these Four Painless VELCRO® Brand Solutions

data centers and VELCRO® Brand Solutions

Companies and clients alike consume data every day of every second, and with over 500,000 data centers worldwide, building IT infrastructures that are reliable and secure is extremely important. Whether the data center has multiple UPSes or just one server, designing and managing these pathways and spaces can be overwhelming (to say the least). However, […]

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Make Amazing Connections® At The Material Shows

Material show - east and west- hero

The VELCRO® Brand has been disrupting the apparel game since its conception. With over 70+ years of experience, VELCRO® Brand solutions have dramatically advanced products from around the world. Through efficient and creative applications, Velcro Companies strives to be the dominant innovator in its technology, ranging from durable connections, like adhering football stadium turf, to […]

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Velcro Companies Celebrates the VELCRO® Trademark

Velcro Companies Celebrates trademark at Trademark Expo

Last month to celebrate 60 years of the VELCRO® trademark, Velcro Companies joined the United States Patent and Trademark office for this year’s Trademark Expo in Washington DC. Located at the National Museum of American History, the event was a huge success! The weekend was jammed packed with families and fans celebrating not only the […]

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Velcro® Brand Garden Ties Support Colorful Peppers

One of the treats of growing up an Italian-American was eating my mother’s homemade sauteed hot sausage and fried peppers, with Italian bread. The sausage was hot, the Italian bull’s horn peppers were sweet and it everything was dripping with basil infused olive oil. Yum! I’m a vegetarian now, but I still enjoy those sweet […]

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VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Helps CareTaker Medical to Monitor Patient Vital Signs

Situation Overview: CareTaker Medical, a leader in wearable medical devices, has a crucial task – monitoring patient vital signs in real-time, continuously, safely and accurately within the hospital, during transport, and after patient discharge. It sought to provide the level of measurement precision previously only available in acute (inpatient) care settings. The company’s innovative finger […]

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What first comes to mind when you think of the VELCRO® Brand?

The answer is likely something accompanied by a hand motion that signals two things being pulled apart and – if the subject has a sense of humor – an imitation of the noise that hook and loop makes when the pieces are pulled apart. That prominent association of hook and loop has evolved tremendously since […]

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Lovely Lilies

Early summer is lily time. While many gardeners grow daylilies, in this blog I focus on the bulb lilies such as Oriental, Asiatic, Trumpet and Tiger lilies. These lilies really put on a show. They range from the Oriental lilies with “knock your socks off” fragrance, to the multi-colored Asiatic lilies that dazzle a garden, […]

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Join Velcro Companies at the 7th Annual Deshpande Symposium

VELCRO® Brand fasteners have evolved extensively in the 60-plus years since its invention. What was once invented on serendipity, inspired by a routine hike in the woods, has now become an integral part of popular culture, fashion, and common home goods. Innovation and entrepreneurship have motivated Velcro Companies to reach new opportunities and growth around […]

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Singing our Hearts out

Celebrating our 60th TM Anniversary with New Music Videos (The Lawyers are Back!) Last autumn, we posted a video entitled “Don’t Say Velcro”, about our world-famous VELCRO® Brand fasteners; we enlisted a choir of “lawyers” who begged you to remember that “this is *bleeping* hook and loop,” not “Velcro.”  Some of you loved it, others… […]

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Secure your plenum cable pathways with Fire Retardant/UL Rated VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® tape and straps.

VELCRO® Brand 12'x.75 fire retard

VELCRO® Brand FR/UL ONE-WRAP® fasteners are the ideal solution for contractors and installers to organize and secure copper and fiber cabling in plenum rated air spaces. VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® fasteners allow users to quickly access cable bundles as needed without having to cut, discard and replace like traditional plastic tie options. IDEAL SOLUTION FOR  Data […]

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All About Tomatoes

It’s tomato growing season across the country. Whether you’re just starting or are getting ready for the first harvest, we’ve all got tomatoes on our minds. Growing tomatoes properly will help ensure that you get a tasty, productive harvest. It all starts with planting in full sun on fertile, well-drained soil. I like using raised […]

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Next Level Organization of Fiber Optic Pathways and Spaces VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP®

Fiber optic wires organization

Fiber optic cable installations are on the rise nearly all across the country bringing high-speed internet to resident, office and educational institutions while updating the aging infrastructure of the U.S. For integrators, installers, managers, and data center designers, the term “chaos” is a significant understatement for the jumble of patch cords they deal with during […]

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Classic Tall English Flowers

Many gardeners love the lush English Cottage Gardens. On my garden tours to England we visit spectacular flower gardens highlighted by tall perennial flowers. These perennials stand out in the crowd providing height in the back of the garden and an exciting focal point. Some of my favorites are dahlias, delphiniums, lilies and hollyhocks. When […]

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Velcro Companies Participates in the 4th Annual SleepOut

On Friday, March 23rd, Velcro Companies participated in the 4th Annual SleepOut at Stanton Plaza in downtown Manchester. During this time community members came together in solidarity with New Hampshire youth who are experiencing homelessness. The goal of this event was to raise awareness of the challenges facing the homeless youth, and fundraise for services […]

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The VELCRO® Brand at Pet Food Forum 2018

Our Packaging Team is excited to exhibit at the 2018 Pet Food Forum in Kansas City, Missouri. For years, our PRESS-LOK® Closure System has been the go-to closure system for brand owners, packaging converters and machine manufacturers—given it’s unique versatility and security benefits. Our closures are both “touch” and “press” activated, so consumers can secure […]

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