All About Tomatoes

It’s tomato growing season across the country. Whether you’re just starting or are getting ready for the first harvest, we’ve all got tomatoes on our minds. Growing tomatoes properly will help ensure that you get a tasty, productive harvest. It all starts with planting in full sun on fertile, well-drained soil. I like using raised […]

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Next Level Organization of Fiber Optic Pathways and Spaces VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP®

Fiber optic wires organization

Fiber optic cable installations are on the rise nearly all across the country bringing high-speed internet to resident, office and educational institutions while updating the aging infrastructure of the U.S. For integrators, installers, managers, and data center designers, the term “chaos” is a significant understatement for the jumble of patch cords they deal with during […]

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Classic Tall English Flowers

Many gardeners love the lush English Cottage Gardens. On my garden tours to England we visit spectacular flower gardens highlighted by tall perennial flowers. These perennials stand out in the crowd providing height in the back of the garden and an exciting focal point. Some of my favorites are dahlias, delphiniums, lilies and hollyhocks. When […]

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Velcro Companies Participates in the 4th Annual SleepOut

On Friday, March 23rd, Velcro Companies participated in the 4th Annual SleepOut at Stanton Plaza in downtown Manchester. During this time community members came together in solidarity with New Hampshire youth who are experiencing homelessness. The goal of this event was to raise awareness of the challenges facing the homeless youth, and fundraise for services […]

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The VELCRO® Brand at Pet Food Forum 2018

Our Packaging Team is excited to exhibit at the 2018 Pet Food Forum in Kansas City, Missouri. For years, our PRESS-LOK® Closure System has been the go-to closure system for brand owners, packaging converters and machine manufacturers—given it’s unique versatility and security benefits. Our closures are both “touch” and “press” activated, so consumers can secure […]

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Keep Vines Climbing by Charlie Nardozzi

Vining plants offer multiple uses in the landscape. They can flower and provide beauty, have attractive foliage, block unsightly views, provide privacy and give you shade. But when growing your vines you’ll need to provide the best support. Some vines can grow into monsters and need strong posts, wires, walls and structures to keep them […]

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Pruning Fruit Trees with Charlie Nardozzi

cherry on tree

Before spring really gets going, it’s time to take care of the fruit trees in your yard. Whether it be a dwarf apple or large peach, fruit trees need annual care to grow properly and produce. Spraying dormant deciduous trees with a summer horticultural oil spray when temperatures are above 40°F is a good way […]

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Classrooms Across New England Gear Up for Third Boston Bruins “Battle of the Books” Competition

Velcro Companies and the Boston Bruins are teaming up once again to generate enthusiasm for reading and literacy amongst students of all ages and foster some friendly competition across schools in New England, with the return of the third annual “Battle of the Books” contest. This March, classrooms in schools across the region are invited […]

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VELCRO® Brand Partners with Carlisle® SynTec Systems to Create Award-Winning RapidLock™ Roofing System


For years, VELCRO® Brand construction fastening systems have provided a greener option for manufacturers, architects, and builders – to create sustainable solutions for their building needs – and even helping earn potential LEED green building rating points. The VELCRO® Brand has recently partnered with Carlisle SynTec Systems to create a sustainable, revolutionary, adhesive-less roofing solution […]

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All About Seeds with Charlie Nardozzi

VELCRO Brand Gardening With Charlie Nardozzi

Winter is all about the potential, and seeds are a garden’s potential. I love perusing seed catalogs and seed racks this time of year looking for the new, unusual, heirloom and exotic flower, vegetable and herb seeds. But before we go buying tons of seeds to grow in our gardens this year, it’s good to […]

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Charlie Nardozzi’s Last Minute Gift Ideas for Gardeners


The holidays are a tough time to think of just the right gift for a family member or loved one. If the person on your list has a green thumb and likes to garden, that helps! There are lots of choices for the gardener, especially if they’re a DIY kind of person. With the holidays […]

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Easy Winter Tool Storage for Gardening


While gardeners in warm climates of Florida, Texas and Southern California are busy planting winter crops, many other gardeners are wrapping up the garden season. That means getting organized. But whether you’re actively gardening right now or not, organizing your tools is always a good idea. In the off season it allows you to make […]

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Introducing the VELCRO® Brand Ambassador Movement

The VELCRO® Brand Ambassador Movement

We want to introduce you to the VELCRO® Brand Ambassador Movement, also known as the VAM! The VAM is a special place where we collaborate and engage with our customers, fans, bloggers and influencers. We know there are tons of unique and unusual ways our consumers have been using VELCRO® Brand products over the years, […]

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Saving Gardening Seeds with Charlie Nardozzi

Seed Storage with the VELCRO Brand

Late summer and fall are perfect times to collect and save seeds from your flower and vegetable gardens. Collecting seeds is a good way to replant the same variety next year and save some money. While most seeds can be saved for one year and germinate and grow well, some vegetables and flowers, if stored […]

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The VELCRO® Brand Industrial Team Exhibiting at the 2017 NFOC Show


Our industrial team will be exhibiting at the tenth annual NFOC show this week at the Turning Stone Casino Resort in Verona, New York. Industry-wide, VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Rolls and Ties have served as easy, re-usable, and safe bundling solutions that are gentle on wires and perfect for fragile cords. Last year, we launched a […]

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