VELCRO® Brand Industrial Trade Range

This suite of hook-and-loop straps and tape features newly designed packaging that allows professionals to quickly and easily find the perfect products for their structural needs.

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Solutions For Fiber Optic Cable Management

For years, VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Straps and Tapes have proved their value as easy, re-usable, safe, adjustable bundling solutions that are gentle on fragile wires, and strong enough for large cords.

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VELCRO® Brand Solutions For Medical

NEW 54,000 sq/ft Clean Room Environment. Velcro Companies Medical group opens a new extension to their VELCROMEX plant in Agua Prieta, Mexico

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Mentos Success Story

Any easy-to-use sensory closure to ensure the product stays sealed and fresh

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Case Studies

VELCRO® Brand-Partners-With-Butler-Overboot-childrens-footwear

Butler Overboot Childrens Footwear

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VELCRO® Brand-partners--with-CARLISLE® SYNTEC Systems-to-Create-Award-Winning-RAPIDLOCK™-Roofing-System

Carlisle Syntec Systems Torapidlock Roofing System

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VELCRO® Brand-partners-with-CareTaker-Medical-to-monitor-patient-vial-signs

Caretaker Medical Monitor Patient Vital Signs

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Latest Business News

VELCRO® Brand PRESS-LOK Advanced 952

Velcro Companies Unveils First Hook-To-Hook Flexible Package Closure System with Sealant Layer

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VELCRO® Brand-ONE-WRAP®-Fiber-Optic-Organization

Fiber Optic Organization

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VELCRO® Brand-ONE-WRAP®-Fire-Retardant-UL-Rated

FR/UL VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Ties and Straps

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