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Clear the Clutter

We’ve made a name for ourselves by being infinitely useful. From keeping things connected to keeping them out of sight, VELCRO® Brand Products will help you get organized and clear the clutter.

Studies show there’s no place worse for clutter to take over than at the office. Writers at Inc. recently wrote about the detriment of disorder, stating: “a disorganized workspace can lead to decreased productivity and unprofessional behavior.”

Have no fear, we’ve got what you need. Like the video above shows, a handful of ONE-WRAP® Ties will have those pesky cables and cords organized and out of mind in no time. Hello, floor space. Nice to see you again!

Are you looking for some workspace or organization inspiration? Be sure to check out two of our other guides for Organizing Your Junk Drawers in 5 Easy Steps and Refreshing Your Workspace with These DIY Hacks.

Be sure to pick up some ONE-WRAP® Ties so you can get your workspace in order.

velcro-one-wrap-straps VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Ties 
50 8×1/2in Ties
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