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Velcro Companies Partners With Paragon Pet Products to Incorporate Advanced Packaging Closure Solution

Paragon Pet Products Uses VELCRO® Brand PRESS-LOK® Closure Technology In New Packaging

MANCHESTER, NH – February 26, 2013 – Velcro Companies, with its commitment to creating smart products, services and technologies wherever things can be connected, announced today its partnership with Paragon Pet Products. Velcro Companies is working with Holland-based Paragon Pet Products to integrate Velcro Companies’ innovative PRESS-LOK® closure technology into its gluten-free, vegetable-based, all natural dog treats, WHIMZEES®. The one-of-a-kind dog treats help remove tartar and plaque, are highly digestible and rich in fibers.

Paragon Pet Products and Velcro Companies worked with manufacturer PEEL Plastics Products Ltd., a recognized leader in product and process innovation, to deliver premium packaging for WHIMZEES®. With a flat surface, WHIMZEES® packages have excellent shelf stability and superior cube utilization. The pouches can fit snugly or tightly on the shelf, or the pouch’s sombrero-style hanger hole can be used to hang the product at retailer locations.

“We are thrilled that PRESS-LOK® delivers a fun and functional new brand experience for Paragon Pet customers purchasing WHIMZEES®,” said Jurjen Jacobs, Vice President of Global Marketing, Velcro Companies. “Additionally, Paragon Pet Products has a strong reputation and commitment to delighting its customers. Similarly, Velcro Companies strives to create state-of-the-art products and technologies, such as PRESS-LOK®, that deliver the highest level of satisfaction to our customers and their consumers.”

“Our mission is to develop the healthiest, high-quality dog chews in the world,” said Roelof Kunst, Marketing and Sales Director of Paragon Pet Products. “With VELCRO® Brand PRESS-LOK® closure technology, our customers can trust their dog treats will remain fresh and deliver the same great taste and abundant value as the day they purchased WHIMZEES®. Our dog treats will continue to make a positive contribution to dogs’ teeth, health and well-being.”

The VELCRO® Brand PRESS-LOK® closure system is a proprietary hook-to-hook technology. The closure is a unique solution in the industry because it offers easy alignment that allows consumers to fasten without precise line-up, securing the package with great burst strength.

Paragon Pet Products will launch WHIMZEES® new packaging in April 2013 at many Pet Specialty retailers.

About Velcro Companies:

Velcro Companies is a technology-driven, global organization providing fastening solutions that solve problems in simple, elegant and surprising ways for businesses and consumers around the world. We have a heritage of innovation spanning more than 50 years and own over 400 active patents and numerous trademarks, including the VELCRO® trademark, which is registered throughout the world. We develop and deliver solutions for customers through an integrated production and service system that includes manufacturing locations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Spain and China and sales offices around the world. To buy genuine VELCRO® brand products and to find out more about our company, visit

Note to editors:

At Velcro Companies, we are proud that VELCRO® brand products have become a part of everyday life, but that ubiquity sometimes produces confusion. The VELCRO® trademark should be used only when referring to genuine VELCRO® brand fasteners.  Non-VELCRO® brand products should be identified by their functional terms, such as “hook and loop,” “self-adhesive straps,” and so forth.  The VELCRO® mark should always be used as an adjective and never as a noun or a verb.  The term “Velcro Companies” should be used when referring to our company and its executives.

The proper use of the VELCRO® trademark assists us in safeguarding the integrity of the VELCRO® brand, and helps to protect consumers from products incorrectly sold as VELCRO® brand products.  For further information on the proper use of the VELCRO® trademark, please see the guidelines on our website.


About Paragon Pet Products

Paragon Pet Products is one of the most advanced dog chew manufacturers in the world. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Paragon Pet Products fully facilities produce a large range of innovative dog chews. Their products are sold in more than 40 countries around the world and are 100% vegetarian, based on potato or wheat starch. Thanks to their special shapes and ingredients, these chews make a positive contribution towards maintaining the health of canine jaws, teeth and gums. Moreover, they also help with digestion. Visit for more information and also be sure to visit the new consumer website that will launch at the end of March 2013.

About PEEL Plastics Products Ltd.

For over 30 years, Peel Plastics Products Ltd. has been a recognized leader in flexible packaging solutions and process innovation. We create custom packaging solutions to complement your brand. As a responsive supply partner, our products are customized to provide solutions that are unique, industry relevant and brand specific. Peel is committed to being the most responsive supply partner, a recognized leader in product and process innovation, and the overall best value provider of flexible packaging materials. We house all of our print, lamination and converting capabilities in one location, which gives us a clear advantage at meeting otherwise challenging deadlines. For more information visit and learn how we can help bring packaging innovation to your brand.


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Chris Lerra
Business Development Manager
Velcro Companies

(603) 222-4802 – Office

Amy Thompson
Managing Supervisor
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Roelof Kunst
Marketing & Sales Director
Paragon Pet Products

+31 (0) 598 319579 – Office

Arnoud Prins
Business Development Manager
Peel Plastics Products Limited
(905) 456-4057 – Office

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