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There Is Only One™ VELCRO® Brand

In 1941 Swiss engineer George de Mestral and his dog discovered the remarkable properties of the burdock burr and turned it into the first VELCRO® Brand hook and loop product. Over fifty years and 400 patents later, our global networks of designers, manufacturers and marketers have created over 10 billion connections.

VELCRO® Brand products changed the 20th century, and our innovations and pioneering spirit are already changing the 21st. We provide smart, simple and reliable fastening solutions for customers in every industry.

VELCRO® Brand is manufactured domestically, all around the world. We are proud to be the hidden hero in the products that have been with you all of your life. We are in the delivery room. We keep the diapers on. We tie your shoes before you know how. We are there for birthdays, holidays and weddings when the decorations go up. We keep the turf on the field. We help keep our troops safe and prepared.

We even went to the moon.

Chances are, if you can connect it, organize it, hang it, strap it or build it, we are there. How many products can you really say that about?


Meet the all new, and same as it ever was, VELCRO® Brand.

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