Cat lovers and VELCRO® Brand enthusiasts rejoice! We are excited to announce that we’ve joined with Pestell Pet Products on their new LifeMate™ product line produced by Peel Plastics of Ontario, Canada. (Our friends Lola and Phoebe are pretty happy, too.)

VELCRO® Brand closures and Pestell Pet Products

Pestell Pet Products and VELCRO® Brand

Pestell joins early PRESS-LOK® adopters Lundberg Family Farms and Hill Science Diet as companies prioritizing ease-of-use and a reliable closing experience for their conscientious consumers.

New Pestell Cat Litter Bag Featuring VELCRO® Brand PRESS-LOK™

The final packaging design was a team effort as Pestell worked with PEEL Plastics on the unique gusset bag design. By incorporating PRESS-LOK® flexible packaging closures, Pestell created a branded look that maintains a clean design aesthetic. They will be the first-to-market in this growing product category of cat litter.

When shopping for your feline friends, look for Pestell’s new 5kg and 15kg bags, available at major retail locations within the US and Canada.

For more information on how VELCRO® Brand solutions can help secure a competitive advantage for your products, visit our packaging industry solutions page or leave us a comment and we’ll connect you with the appropriate team member.

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