Creative Living with Brit Morin and VELCRO® Brand Products

You may have noticed a new face around Creative living expert, Brit Morin has brought the innovative spirit of her lifestyle brand Brit + Co. to our world of AMAZING CONNECTIONS™. We supplied her with endless VELCRO® Brand product and she and her team have already come up with a handful of simple solutions for creative living, online and off.

Before launching Brit + Co., she worked at both Apple and Google on groundbreaking projects like iTunes and GoogleTV. Her work making technology accessible through relatable content caught our attention, and since partnering we’ve seen how a new point of view can make all the difference. From hacking your kitchen to prepping your wardrobe for spring, her DIY projects make creative living easy.

If you’ve missed any of her early posts, get ready to pin! Try one and we’re certain, like us, you’ll be hooked.

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