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Velcro Industries and MAKEwithMOTO at Maker Faire San Francisco

This past weekend the “greatest show and tell on earth,” Maker Faire, kicked off in San Francisco. We were lucky to have a front row seat to the DIY action thanks to MAKEwithMOTO and their VELCRO® Brand hook wrapped-Mercedes Benz pace car.

MAKEwithMOTO is a group of creators, thinkers, dreamers, inventors, doers and makers on a mission to crowd source the next iteration of the mobile phone. Their custom car is complete with 3D printers, laser cutters, soldering stations, and 4,000 ft. of Industrial Strength VELCRO® Brand Fasteners so that any possible idea can be fully explored and shared with the rest of the community.

They started with this:

VELCRO® Brand products, Mercedes Benz, MAKEwithMOTO

Which became this (photo by Avi Javidan):

and looked like this during the Faire:

Mercedes Benz VELCRO® Brand Pace Car Hook

Over the next five months, MAKEwithMOTO will be driving across the country to learn more about what people want from their phones. They’ll be stopping at top schools like MIT and RISD to meet with students already thinking about how to blend science, art and technology.

With the vehicle as their canvas, we can’t wait to see which creative and innovative ideas stick! 

Velcro Industries, Maker Faire, MAKEwithMOTO

Velcro Industries MAKEwithMOTO hack DIY

We’ll be checking in with them periodically, but for more photos and to follow along with MAKEwithMOTO, check out their Google+, Twitter and Facebook.

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