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Style Hack – Chic Studded Stacking Bracelets

Brit Morin VELCRO® Brand Bracelet

You know we’re all about DIYing it up in the accessory department. This month we’ve jumped headfirst into all sorts of handmade bracelets for our latest hack. All you need is VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Straps, studs, beads, and wire, to make your own set of 5 stacking bracelets. Let’s get to it!

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– large gold studs
– gold round studs
– small gold studs
– gold wire
– gold seed beads
VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Straps in Black

– needle nose pliers 

diy custom studded stacking bracelets

The great thing about VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Straps is that that they are adjustable and fit right on your wrist. It’s like they were made to be turned into bracelets!


1. Stud It Up: This first one is all about getting as many studs on your bracelet as possible. 

Studded DIY Bracelet Brit VELCRO® Brand

Press your studs through a black VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Strap and use pliers to secure on the inside. You want to make sure the loop side (aka the soft side) is the one facing your wrist. Continue around the whole wrap and you’re done.

Brit Morin DIY Bracelet One-Wrap® Straps

2. Wire Web: Next up, we’re revisiting an old favorite of ours.

DIY Bracelet How To VELCRO® Brand

Simply take wire and wrap it around your next VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Strap. Keep going for the length of your wrap, and you’re done.

Wire Bracelet How To Brit Morin

3. Round Studs: We grabbed a few round studs and got to work on this next easy bracelet.

Round Bracelet DIY Brit Morin

The process for this is exactly the same as the first studded bracelet. Press studs through the strap, use pliers to secure, and wear!

Accessories Brit Morin VELCRO® Brand

4. Beaded Wire: This one is our favorite, and the most complex – though still pretty darn simple!

One-Wrap® Bracelet Brit Morin

Use the same wire as before but this time add beads and wrap. Keep adding beads as you wrap, making sure not to put any beads on the side that faces your wrist. That’s it!

Beaded Bracelet Brit Morin VELCRO® Brand

5. Mini Studs: Last, a mini take on the first studded bracelet.

Studded One-Wrap® Bracelet

Again, this process is just like any studding project. Use pliers to secure studs on the inside so they don’t poke your skin, and you’re done.

Studded Bracelet DIY One-Wrap® Straps

Don’t they look great together?

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Brit Morin Bracelets Bangles DIY

Brit Bracelets DIY How To

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