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Renowned Architect Teams Up with Jannelli&Volpi and Velcro Industries

Collaboration results in new and beautiful things. Take our recent partnership with Jannelli&Volpi, for example. Well-known in Italy for their design work in fashion & furnishing, Jannelli&Volpi enlisted architect Nisi Magnoni to create an imaginative new product for the line JWall and thereafter JanVel was born. 

JanVel_Wall_System_Velcro_Industries JanVel_Home_Decor_Velcro_Industries_JanneliVolpi

JWall incorporates JanVel, a VELCRO® Brand knit, created in collaboration with Nisi Magnoni and Jannelli&Volpi, that allows users to easily mix and match their décor. How it came to be is a rather cute story. Magnoni’s wife asked him one day, “If you are a genius, why don’t you solve the problem of hanging a picture without damaging the walls?” Magnoni found that playing with the hook and loop allowed for endless customization. His new line of JanVel wall coverings, designed by the Jannelli&Volpi CreativeLab, introduces fresh colors and a touch of fantasy to the JWall family, while allowing customers to explore their creativity.

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