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Doing Good On Your New Year’s Resolution to Organize

During the holidays there are all kinds of helpers, but when the ball drops and there are no more cookies to bake, they all seem to disappear. Now that 2014 is under way, and you’re likely facing New Year’s resolutions about organization, we’d like to offer a new helper: VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP®. Team up with these ties and your future-self will thank you. They make it easy to stay organized during your holiday decoration breakdown.

Holiday_Lights_OrganizeWhile you may not have as many lights as these trees (hello, Rockefeller Center), tangled strings can be a pain when you’re getting ready to start decorating again. To keep yours in order, wrap strings of lights or garland neatly into a loop, and then use Write-On-Ties to keep track of each length and light color.

Check out our video above and we’ll show you how.

For more organization inspiration, check out this fun DIY project from Brit!

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