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How to Make a DIY Calendar with VELCRO® Brand Products

Is the 365-Day calendar that you got for Christmas cramping your style?  In the spirit of getting (and staying) organized for 2014, we’re bringing you a DIY dry-erase calendar.  This handy wall calendar will let you be the master of your to-do list while you keep track of the days until warmer weather, holidays, vacations, birthdays or whatever else you want to count, all while keeping your dry erase markers and notes in line.  Any month, any list — it’s your creation.  Keep reading for instructions!

What you’ll need:

VELCRO® Brand DIY Calendar

-2 12”x8” adhesive whiteboard sheets

-poster board

-thin colored tape

-¾” wide VELCRO® Brand Sticky-Back™ Fastener Tape

-VELCRO® Removable Poster Hangers

-dry erase markers

-colored card stock or paint chips


-permanent marker




VELCRO® Brand Peel and Stick

Peel and stick adhesive whiteboard sheets to poster board, making sure to leave room for a border of VELCRO® Brand product around the outside.

VELCRO® Brand Craft Cut

Measure and cut one strip of VELCRO® Brand Sticky-Back™ tape to the horizontal length of the whiteboard sheets. Peel and stick in the center.

VELCRO® Brand DIY Movable Calendar

Now, to create the calendar, measure and lightly mark a 5” x 7” grid.  You will need 11 strips of thin tape; 4 to create the weeks, 6 for the day, and 1 for a line about 1” from the top of the whiteboard sheet.

VELCRO® Brand Border Calendar

Now measure and cut four more strips of Sticky-Back™ tape for the border around the whiteboard sheets. Peel and stick until there is a complete border around the whiteboard sheets.

VELCRO® Brand Paint DIY Calendar

Take your card stock or paint chips, and create seven small badges in the shape of your choice. These will be the days of the weeks. (We made hearts for February, and shamrocks for March.) Using your permanent marker, write a day of the week on each.  Cut one more small piece of Sticky-Back™ and adhere it to the back, so that they can be stuck to the middle border of the calendar.

VELCRO® Brand Wall Calendar DIY

Cut away the excess poster board, and hang up your calendar using VELCRO® Brand Removable Poster Hangers.

Final DIY Calendar How To

Now you have a beautiful calendar that you can make entirely your own!  Attach small pieces of VELCO® Brand Sticky-Back™ Fastener Tape to your dry erase markers or notepad to keep track of them.

What did you stick to the border of your calendar?  Tell us about it in the comments below.

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