VELCRO® Brand Recaps Rags to Riches

VELCRO® Brand products have long since been a staple in crafting circles. Every once and while we get a front row seat to some of the industry events, like the Rags to Riches competition that was part of the Craft & Hobby Association Mega Show and energetically hosted by celebrity crafters Wendy Russell and Marisa Pawelko.

The task at hand: create bright and colorful outfits from recycled t-shirts, jeans, and sweaters. In twenty minutes! The contestants went to work with loads of bling, Westcott brand scissors and VELCRO® Brand fasteners to create wearable art.

Check out what went down.

VELCRO® Brand DIY Crafts

VELCRO® Brand DIY Design

VELCRO® Brand Rags to Riches 2014

VELCRO® Brand Rags to Riches Recap

VELCRO® Brand Crafting

VELCRO® Brand DIY Sewing

Displayed at far right is a winning creation, which flipped a pink skirt into a fun, colorful top and a jean jacket into a skirt.

Stay tuned for more crafting ideas. After all, National Craft Month is upon us!

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