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Spring Greening! How to Make a Portable Perennial Garden

VELCRO® Brand Seed-Pot® Gardening DIY

As spring comes right around the corner, we’re all about going green. But, since most of us live in apartments or small homes, we don’t all have backyards or back patios for getting our garden on. So, we decided to create a portable perennial garden, in a tray you can move to any available window in the house. This would also make for a great housewarming or Mother’s Day present!


VELCRO® Brand Peel Away™ Pots

– galvanized steel tray

– washi tape

– plant markers

– soil

– plants! ?

DIY Planter Instructions Materials VELCRO® Brand

You can use potted plants, herbs or start from scratch with seeds.


The first thing to do is put together your VELCRO® Brand Peel Away Pots. Not only are these super convenient, but they promote root health and density. They also make it easy to remove plants from the pots without disturbing the roots and can be used year after year.

PEEL-AWAY® seed pots Tray Planter

Lay them out in your tray to make sure you have enough pots and plants.

Fill PEEL-AWAY® Seed Pots Planter 

Fill each pot halfway with soil.

VELCRO® Brand Gardening DIY Planter

Then plant your plants!

Plants Herbs Gardening DIY Velcro Industries

To mark each plant, we created patterned plant markers using washi tape flags.

Plant Herb Markers DIY Gardening with VELCRO® Brand

So cute!

Thyme Herbs VELCRO® Brand Gardening

Use a permanent marker to write the name of each plant.

Finished VELCRO® Brand Planter 

Place them in your tray with the corresponding plants ?

How DIY Planter VELCRO® Brand Gardening


How Make DIY Planter VELCRO® Brand 

How fun is that? You can even use it as a centerpiece!

How are you going to get your green thumb on this spring? Have you ever used VELCRO® Brand Peel Away™ Pots? Talk to us in the comments below.

This post is a collaboration with Velcro Industries.

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