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Start Spring with VELCRO® Brand PEEL-AWAY® Seed Pots

VELCRO® Brand PEEL-AWAY® Seed Pot Gardeners

It’s hard to believe that spring is actually on the way! Before we know it, the snow will have disappeared and plants will begin to flourish again, here in New England. As the outdoor enthusiasts among us are starting to think about their gardening plans, we’re thinking about what to grow in our award-winning PEEL AWAY® seed pots.

Here’s the low down on why they’re perfect for all gardeners. 

  • VELCRO® Brand fabric with breathable sides lets air reach developing roots and allows seedlings to branch out instead of spiraling, helping to create an earlier and bigger harvest
  • Allows for optimal water and nutrient uptake so your plants grow up as healthy as can be
  • Ideal for novices and for the super-busy.
  • Featured in the seed pot kit, the self-watering tray uses a reservoir mat to deliver water right to the plants as they need it, so say goodbye to regular watering
  • Easier to plant in the ground.
  • The pots feature sides that, like other VELCRO® Brand solutions, offer easy removal, literally peeling away and enabling an effortless transition into the ground soil
  • No need to flip over and tap out your delicate seedlings like with traditional pots

PEEL AWAY® seed pots are also washable and reusable, so when winter comes around again just store them until next gardening season and enjoy your ripe vegetables. Because they make growing plants so easy, they were even included in This Old House Magazine’s Top 100 Best New Home Products of 2013.

PEEL AWAY® pots and kits are available exclusively through Gardener’s Supply and are offered in 2” and 4” sizes.

Tell us what you’re most eager to plant this year!

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