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Velcro Companies and Charlie Nardozzi Visit the Chicago Flower Show

While the weather in most of the U.S has been downright awful this winter, a gardener’s hope springs eternal. What better way to get inspired than to visit one of the many indoor flower shows happening across the country. We teamed up with Charlie Nardozzi to give talks and share VELCRO® gardening products with avid gardeners at these shows.

Indoor flower shows spend an amazing amount of time, energy and money to create a dazzling garden indoors in midwinter. In Philadelphia the theme was Articulture — the blend of art and horticulture. There were gardens depicting the works of famous artists such as Andrew and N.C. Wyeth. There were even hanging “gardens” inspired by the sculpture Alexander Caldor with an aerial dance troupe  performing above and within the multi-dimensional floral display.

VELCRO® Brand Gardening ChicagoCharlie Nardozzi Chicago Flower

In Chicago the theme was Do Green, Do Good. Chicago is a city of gardens. There were garden displays of growing food in the city, living walls, planter box vignettes and rooftop terraces.

Many flower shows are in large cities like Philadelphia, Chicago and San Francisco where gardeners are space challenged. So, my talk on edible container gardening received lots of interest. In particular the VELCRO® Brand Peel Away™ Seed PotS, drew oooos and aaaas from the audience. This reusable container naturally air prunes the plant roots so you won’t have root bound seedlings. Grow your transplants under lights as you normally would and when it’s time for transplanting simply peel away the pot so not to disturb the seedling roots and cause transplant shock. When finished, simply wash, flatten and stack the pots for use next year. Each talk attendee, as well as participants at the Garden Writers Regional Meeting at the Chicago Flower Show, received a free PEEL AWAY® seed pot to bring home and try.

PEEL-AWAY® seed pots Tray Planter

Have any questions or gardening ideas? Email Charlie and you could see them answered in his next post!  For more information, tips and inspirations, visit

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