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Julie goes to Cambodia: Velcro Industries and the Cambodian Children’s Fund

Words and photos by Julie Barry


I cannot believe I am going to Cambodia. As I sit at my desk trying to tie up loose ends, this thought keeps ringing through my head like a mantra.  I am equal parts excited and anxious.  I’m so thrilled to have the opportunity to travel to this country, honored to have the chance to work with the Cambodian Children’s Fund as a representative of the VELCRO® Brand, yet nervous about the extremely long trip and not sure of what to expect, once I land. At least I will have 30 hours of travel time to get my mind in the right place!

I have always had a desire to do more, give back and feel fulfilled by what I do every day. I had no idea the voyage that would begin here at Velcro Industries last November but I know I am where I was meant to be. Traveling to Cambodia to meet and work with the children and families of the CCF is an opportunity of a lifetime that I am certain will change my perspective, as all meaningful journeys do.

I hope that I can help to make a small difference in the lives of these children I will come to meet. I see photos and read articles on the CCF’s Facebook page and questions are pulsating through my head: Will the things I learn and see touch me to the point of breaking down, will I become attached to the individuals I meet and work alongside?

Of course, I should probably address the typical traveler questions first… do I have everything I need for next week? It’s time for me to start packing!

I will be chronicling my journey on this blog, and on Velcro Brand’s Twitter and Instagram channels. Please join me and learn about the people I’m meeting and the work we’re doing collectively.

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