Fixing the Future with sugru and VELCRO® Brand

If you’ve never heard of sugru, check it out. A self-setting rubber, it makes reigning in loose ends as easy as a pinch and a squeeze. Similar to our products, sugru makes living creatively easier. Here are just a few ways people are using them together to put things in place.

Sarah used sugru and a VELCRO® Brand strap to give her camera some feet.


Stephen macguyvered some sugru ears onto his vacuum and then added a VELCRO® Brand pad to latch the plug.


And now, for those pesky headphones. Hamish saved his jack with some sugru, and then doubled up on his fixings with a VELCRO® Brand cable to keep his ‘phones from tangling. Genius.


For four other ways to mix and match sugru and VELCRO® Brand products, check out their original post.

Do you have any idea for another helpful hack? Talk to us in the comments below.

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