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Make Your Own VELCRO® Brand Makeup Organizer


When it comes to spring cleaning, we leave no stone unturned. Including our makeup drawer. Our #1 tip, free up some space by getting your makeup off the counter and up onto this accessible Velcro® Brand Makeup Organizer. No more searching through a drawer to find your favorite lipstick. Everything is right where you can see it. Say hello to an easier morning routine.


What you will need…


VELCRO® Brand Water Thin Fasteners

VELCRO® Brand Ultra Mate Adhesives

Frame with fitted glass

Your choice of fabric




Step 1:

Line the glass edges with Velcro® Brand adhesives to securely attach your fabric to the glass.


Step 2:

Cut a clean square from the corner of your fabric. Use the edge to give you a clean fold when attaching the fabric and glass.


Step 3

Get a tight grip on your fabric and attach the mate to the Velcro® Brand adhesives. Make sure you apply some pressure on the area to ensure that the fabric and glasses bond.

It should look like this.


Step 4

Put your patterned makeup canvas in its frame like the work of art it is. 

Step 5

Grab all your makeup goodies and lay them out however you want them displayed. Once you like the placement, attach Velcro® Brand Wafer Thin Fasteners to the back and adhere them to your canvas. 


All that’s left is to enjoy the simplicity of having all your beauty products at your fingertips. 

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