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Kids at Play: Velcro Europe Joins in on Les Santes Fun

This July, the city of Mataró (30 km or so from Barcelona) gathered together for Les Santes, a city-wide celebration about community and solidarity. To get a sense of the atmosphere, check out this flash mob:

Within the larger celebration, local non-profits organized activities and programming. We had the pleasure of partnering with Fundacion El Maresme and their division, CDIAP (Center of Infant Development and Early Attention) to create a selection of games for children to play with. Since one theme of the festivities is the integration of people with mental and physical disability, our games were designed to help activate tactile skills.

One favorite was bowling, made from empty cones of yarn. 



Another game challenged children to find hook and loop toys and then pin them to a velour board. 

As you can see, they were a great success! We’re already looking forward to next year.

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