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Seven Organizational Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

Taking the easy way. Cutting corners. These are things we aren’t supposed to do, right?

But why? There’s nothing wrong with saving time, cleaning up, or getting organized. The minutes we save add up into hours. And a few extra hours are something that most of us could use. However we get them.

Here are 7 genius life hacks using VELCRO® Brand products that will free up some of your well-earned free time:

1. Organize and wrap your computer bag


2. Secure your favorite trinkets to the wall to bring your interiors to life


3. Mount pictures or your kid’s favorite artwork to the wall without drilling holes


4. Organize your favorite accessories

Ring Bracelet Jewelry Organizer

5. Tame your junk drawer


6. Mount your tablet to the wall (We think in the kitchen is your best bet.)


7. Make interchangeable cushions!

Finished DIY Ottoman

VELCRO® Brand products give you tons of ways to feel like you’re gaming this whole existence thing. Share your favorite hacks in the comments below, or tweet us @velcrobrand.

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