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Lets Paws To Consider What Our Dogs Dream About


As pet owners, we develop a special connection with our furry friends. We ask them how their day went when they greet us at the door, talk to them in silly voices, and even imagine what they would sound like if they could talk. But what if we could see into their dreams when they’re fast asleep, as they chase other furry friends like themselves?

Our latest video offers a fun look inside the day of one loveable golden retriever, and his dream to have more human-like paws.

The video features pet food with VELCRO® Brand’s PRESS-LOK® closure, highlighting our latest partnership with Wellness® Natural Pet Food. Together, we developed a package that integrates VELCRO® Brand’s PRESS-LOK® closure into the packaging of its premium TruFood® line.

In addition to providing the freshest food for our furry companions, the new packaging for Wellness® TruFood® helps prevent spills and keeps curious pets from grabbing a snack when it isn’t mealtime.

Wellness® TruFood® features the vibrant nutrients including whole protein, raw produce and antioxidants. As Raw-Inspired, Living Nutrition, Wellness® TruFood® is blended by hand and baked in small batches to create delicious, natural meals and made with colorful ingredients you can see like chicken, beets, coconut oil, kale, pumpkin and live active yogurt cultures.

VELCRO® Brand’s PRESS-LOK® packaging delivers the reliability, durability and strength that consumers have come to expect from other VELCRO® Brand products. The package is an easy-to-use, tactile re-closure solution that keeps pet food fresh and contained within the bag.

With TruFood® and VELCRO® Brand’s PRESS-LOK® packaging, you can provide your pet with the fresh nutrition he dreams about.


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