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How to Stake Tall Perennials


Staking Perennials with VELCRO BrandThere is nothing more spectacular in a perennial flower garden than height. A well designed flower garden mixes plants with a variety of colors, leaf textures and sizes and bloom times. Growing tall perennials creates a colorful back drop adding drama and excitement.

Highlighted below are some of the best type of tall perennial flowers. Many are blooming now in a variety of flower colors.

Hollyhocks- The stalks can reach 7 feet tall. The flowers start opening from the bottom, proceeding up the stalk with age. These hardy biennials grow only leaves the first year. The second year they flower and then die. However, hollyhocks self sow readily and if you leave some of the baby plants in the garden you’ll have hollyhock flowers every year.

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Staking Perennials with VELCRO BrandDephiniums– Delphiniums are stunning tall flowers mostly known for their purple and blue blossom shades. Once the flower stalks finish blooming, cut them back and the plant may send up a second round of flowers later in summer.

Lilies- There are a number of different, colorful bulb lily varieties to grow. Some, such as the fragrant Oriental lilies, stay short and don’t need support. Others, such as the trumpet lilies, grow up to 5 to 6 feet tall and can use help staying vertical.

Dahlias– Dahlia tubers bloom later in the season. Many will grow up to 5 feet tall. The ‘Dinnerplate’ dahlia types have large flowers the size of peony blooms, so support them to keep the flowers from flopping to the ground.

One of the common problems with tall perennials are flower stalks prone to blowing over and breaking during summer storms. By using stakes and VELCRO® Brand Garden Ties, you can create a wrap around the flower stalks to keep them vertical. It additionally helps to grow these tall plants in groups, so the stalks support each other.

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