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Make Your Own Sofa Caddy with No Sewing!


If you’re like me, at least once a day you utter the words, “Have you seen the remote?” You know you just had it, but it always manages to walk away. Is that why it’s called a “remote,” because it is always out of reach?

To help solve this pesky problem, you can designate a set place to stash remotes and controllers so they don’t end up lost in the sofa. Thanks to VELCRO® Brand, this easy DIY project will help you keep tabs on illusive remotes and never have to utter those dreaded five words again!

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Start by creating an easy custom sofa caddy or by finding a pre-made pocket from your local fabric store.  You can also make pockets for your caddy by folding in three sides of your desired fabric and attaching them to your base fabric. Use your VELCRO® Brand Sticky Back for Fabrics adhesive to create a simple hem!


1. Cut your fabric to about 1” larger on three of the sides. Therefore, if you want one of the front pockets to be 5” wide x 4” high, cut your fabric to be 7” wide by 5” high.

2. Cut your VELCRO® Sticky Back for Fabrics strips to the length of the two sides and bottom.


3. Attach one side of the Sticky Back for Fabrics adhesive piece to the cut fabric and then the corresponding piece to the main fabric.

4. Do this for all three sides. Voila! You have a little pocket! 

5. Now to attach it to your sofa that it stays in place, attach three strips of the Sticky Back for Fabrics to the back of the sofa caddy, and the matching strips to the inside of the sofa where your sofa cushion meets the arm.

diy sofa caddy

6. Secure the flap of fabric that is going on the inside of the arm to the VELCRO® Brand Sticky Back for Fabrics Strips strips.

There you have it! So easy to apply, all you have to do is peel and stick!  The fasteners provide a permanent bond to fabrics and no sewing, gluing or ironing is required.  I absolutely LOVE these strips! 

These caddies are useful for more than just your television remote or game controllers. If you are a night time bookworm and love reading in bed, attach a caddy to your box spring and stash a book or your e-reader inside!

diy-velcro-new-sew-caddy-for-fabrics VELCRO® Brand Sticky Back for Fabric 
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