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Create Your Own Spooky Halloween Mantel Display

We all love to decorate, and it seems to be the most fun around Halloween time! Thanks to VELCRO® Brand products, decorating can be easy and fun! With a multitude of fastening solutions that will help with everything from hanging bats to making giant spiders, your neighbors will be “frightened” by how skilled you are!

Our decorating zone today: THE MANTEL.. There are so many times when little ones or neighbors come over for a party and either the kids pull on the decorations or a guest accidentally bumps into the display and boom! It all comes falling down! But with VELCRO® Brand, all of the pieces will stay perfectly in place. Here is what you’ll need for decorating your mantel.


VELCRO® Brand Thin Clear Fasteners

Various Pumpkins


Old Time Photos


Lace Table Top or Fabric


..and really anything that you would like to help bring out the ghoulish side of you!


Take your VELCRO® Brand Thin Clear Fasteners and cut a few pieces and apply them to the corners of your lace tablecloth or fabric.

 VVELCRO® Brand Halloween Mantel

Only do this on two side that are the longer sides so that it can stick to the top of your mantel. This will keep the fabric in place. Stick this to the back corners on top of your mantel and let it drape down the front. Remember, don’t start any fires in your fireplace while you have this display!

VELCRO® Brand Halloween Mantel

Next add your cobwebs on top of the lace and maybe up the wall if you’re feeling the Halloween spirit! Now, with your more substantial decorations, cut a few strips of the Thin Clear Fasteners and place them to the bottom of your decor.

VELCRO® Brand Halloween MantelMantle

VELCRO® Brand Halloween Mantel

This will make sure to keep those pieces standing upright and won’t stand a chance with little trick-or-treaters reaching up to pull the pieces down!

Put the matching Thin Clear Fastener piece to the place on the mantel where you want the object to sit. You can even use fasteners on the bottom of your pumpkins!

VELCRO® Brand Halloween Mantel

Place your spooky findings around, put up a few more cobwebs, and voila!

 VELCRO® Brand Halloween Mantel

You have a perfectly done mantel display that will stay in place!

VELCRO® Brand Halloween Mantel

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