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Create Your Outdoor Halloween Garden

For gardeners in most areas of the country, October means planting garlic and bulbs and wrapping up the garden for the season. But for kids, young and old alike, it’s also about Halloween. It’s fun to use the harvest and garden theme when decorating your yard and porch, perhaps even using flowers and veggies you grew yourself. Here are some fun ways to rock this fall classic.

  • Pumpkin Decorating Tips– It wouldn’t be Halloween without a few Jack O Lanterns on the porch. There are some tips to make carving a pumpkin easier and more rewarding. Select a pumpking from your garden or local farm stand that has at least one smooth side. Soak the pumpkin overnight in a tub of cold water. This will hydrate the flesh making it easier to slice. Once you carve your masterpiece, rub petroleum jelly on the cuts so they don’t dry out. This will preserve the carved look longer into fall. You can also get a little wild by carving a winter squash or warty pumpkin, too, for a spookier look.
  • Scarecrows– Go through your old clothes and build a scarecrow in your yard. It’s too late to scare crows off, but it might spook the neighbors. Build a wooden or metal T-shaped frame, add some dried corn stalks for atmosphere and attach the clothes using VELCRO® Brand Garden Ties. Not only will they hold the scarecrow together well, the colorful ties are a decorative element and they’re easy to remove when fall is over.

Nardozzi Halloween BlogNardozzi Halloween Blog

  • Mums the Word– Buy some chrysanthemum plants to decorate the yard or patio. Mums come in a variety of flower colors and shapes. Match them with other fall standards such as flowering cabbage, flowering kale and pansies for a mini fall garden. In warmer climates you can plant them in the ground in well drained soil and full sun and grow them as a perennial.

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