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Simple Travel Solutions with VELCRO® Brand Products


Traveling during the holidays (or any time, for that matter) can be stressful. Luckily we have a number of products to simplify travel whether you are hitting the road or hopping on a flight. Check out our simple travel solutions so that you can take travel off your mind and focus on enjoying your destination.

simple-travel-solutions PRESS-LOK® Bags
Going through security can be a hassle. Our small PRESS-LOK® Bag is TSA approved and is perfect for holding travel-size liquids, medications, makeup, accessories and more. It is just the right size to fit in your carry-on without taking up too much space.  

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simple-travel-solutions ONE-WRAP® Ties
Say goodbye to the frustrating knot of cords in your bag. ONE-WRAP® Ties keep everything contained and organized so that you don’t have to waste your time untangling your headphones or power cords when you need them most.

simple-travel-solutions All Purpose Strap with Handle
Wouldn’t it be nice if the gifts and packages you have to carry through the airport had a handle? Our All Purpose Strap with Handle secures bulky items and adds a convenient handle to make transportation a breeze whether you are carrying a heavy gift through the airport or hauling wood to the house for a cozy fire.

simple-travel-solutions All Purpose Straps
The All Purpose Strap can bundle your various, oddly shaped pieces of luggage and secure them together. Now, you don’t have to worry about your briefcase or purse falling off your suitcase while you are hurrying through the airport. The straps are also perfect for keeping equipment, such as skis, ski boots and poles together and secure for easier handling.

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