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Self-Install Kits: A New Frontier for Cable Management

In the past few years, cable providers alone have increased their deployment of self-install kits by 40 percent. We predict the continued growth of self-install solutions among internet, security, over-the-top programming and other home utilities because these kits are a win-win in savings when it comes to service upgrades and enhancements. We’ve worked with some of the largest cable providers in the business, and some of their advantages include:

  • Customers do not have to wait for the technician during a set appointment time
  • Customers and cable providers save significantly per install
  • Provider reduces their operating costs: labor, fleet/vehicle maintenance
  • Kits allow for faster installation (no appointment time) therefore enabling customers to on-board new services faster (generating more revenue for the provider)

Most importantly, we believe it’s imperative for manufacturers and providers to continuously find ways to keep customers happy. This sometimes can be a challenge when self-install boxes include three or more cables with distinctive functions: power, coax, optical, HDMI and others. In most cases, these cables are wound together with plastic ties – which require scissors, can be hard to assemble, and are not reusable.

VELCRO® Brand hook and loop ties provide an eco-conscious, re-usable and appealing alternative to plastic ties that both control cord chaos and improve customer satisfaction.

— VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Cable and Wire Ties are customizable, back-to-back, self-gripping fasteners that are designed for durability and regular re-use, with flame-retardant options.

VELCRO® Brand QWIK Ties™ Straps are adjustable, reusable and available in a variety of lengths.

VELCRO Brand Cord Management

Both types of fastening ties can be custom-printed to showcase a company’s logo (therefore reinforcing brand awareness), while also noting the cord’s function and purpose, provide another value to the consumer and making the set-up process easier.

In addition to being available in a range of sizes and colors, the cords are fully reusable and consumers have the ability to re-purpose them for other cord management issues in their own home, while providing a safe and eco-friendly addition to cord management.

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