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Presidential Hopeful Hillary Clinton Visits Velcro Companies

At Velcro Companies, we’re proud of our New Hampshire heritage and welcome visits from public officials and candidates for elective office. On Monday, February 7th , we were happy to host Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton.
During this time, Ms. Clinton took the time to speak with employees about various topics as she posed for photos and shook hands with all people that turned out to meet her.  Also in attendance were Senators Jeanne Shaheen and Donna Soucy as well as several members of the media. We were mentioned in several articles, including the front page of USAToday, one of the nation’s largest daily newspapers.

Hillary Clinton Visits Velcro Companies   Hillary Clinton Visits Velcro Companies

In accordance with longstanding policy, we do not endorse political candidates in any election, and our involvement in this event should not be construed as support for Hillary Clinton’s campaign.  All employees had the opportunity to say hello to Ms. Clinton, but participation was entirely voluntary.

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