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Velcro Companies Featured on Wicked Inventions

Velcro Companies Wicked Inventions

Boston, MA – February 4, 2016 – We’re excited to share that the Velcro Companies is appearing in more exciting television coverage! Recently, VELCRO® Brand hook and loop was featured on Wicked Inventions, a new pop science series that highlights the surprising ways in which many common items were invented.

The episode of Wicked Inventions, which features KlaasJan Stol, EMEA President, and Joan Solà, EMEA Supply Chain and Operations Director, tells the story of the invention of hook and loop by George de Mestral, the early days of The Velcro Brand and its importance in the history of NASA suits and gear. It also details the process of manufacturing Velcro Brand hook and loop and highlights our more than 35,000 products, which are manufactured for various purposes—from light, everyday use to industrial strength applications.

The seven minute feature is a wonderful account of the history, heritage and evolution of The VELCRO® Brand. It has been broadcast in Scandinavia, Eastern and Central Europe, and on Discovery Italy and Discovery Asia Pacific.

To view the episode online, click here.

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