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How a Timeless Toy Can Benefit a Child’s Development

With the new technologies and gadgets for kids that seem to appear more and more every day, blocks may seem like too traditional a toy for today’s digital natives. But, did you know that there a quite a few cognitive benefits for children that play with blocks? With this in mind, the VELCRO® Brand created VELCRO® Blocks™ construction sets – a truly timeless toy for children that helps them to develop critical skills for school and for life.

This article from the National Association for the Education of Young Children demonstrates just a few of the many benefits of block play. We’ve outlined several here:


Motor Skills: Though this may seem obvious, block play develops and strengthens childrens’ motor skills through lifting, moving, destructing and re-building their blocks. It also encourages hand-eye coordination which is very important at a young age.

Creativity and Self-Expression: Aside from the expected shapes that the VELCRO® Blocks™ are designed as, including dinosaurs, trucks, and castles, kids can take apart the sets and build their own unique designs. Again and again, they can rebuild invented and familiar shapes.

Problem Solving: Children can gain an understanding of what fits together and what does not; they will start to recognize recurring designs and patterns. In a group or classroom setting, this problem solving activity encourages discussion and interaction among children, also helping to develop their cooperation and social skills.

Additionally, block play has also been linked with math skills, helping to develop concepts like length, balance, and measurement.

With all of these benefits in mind, it is no surprise our Race Car design was just awarded a prestigious Mom’s Choice Award! 

The construction sets are a perfect addition to playrooms, classrooms, child care centers and beyond. We’re hoping to feature them in the classroom of the winner of our second annual VELCRO® Brand Classroom Makeover Contest. If you know a teacher who deserves a classroom makeover, please help us share the news! Nominating is simple (open until May 30th) and winners will receive a full classroom makeover and reading nook that the entire school can enjoy!

The VELCRO® BLOCKS™ construction sets are available online at, and will be in-stores at TOYS R’ US (Canada) and a number of select specialty toy retailers. Prices start at $19.99, more than your traditional digital app but well worth-it, we believe…

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