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Beautifying Your Garden Wall with VELCRO® Brand

Gardeners have lots of examples of how to beautify a fence, arbor or pergola. You can grow a variety of climbing plants that will grab the wire or wood and create an attractive wall in your garden room. But what if you have a more solid object like a concrete or brick wall or even a building? These solid structures give a hard impression and look much better if they are softened with plants.  

Climbing flowers to the rescue. On my recent Garden Tour of England and Wales, I saw great examples of how perennial vines can block a solid wall and soften the look.

If you have full sun, there are many options for aggressive climbing vines. Hardy kiwi, passion flower, rose, and clematis are just some of the climbers that will grow well with 6 to 8 hours of direct sun a day.

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For shadier spots, all is not lost. Climbing hydrangea, akebia, and winter creeper (Euonymous) will do well in part shade and still flower or have good color.  

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The key with growing climbers on a wall or solid surface is, unlike a fence, arbor or pergola, there often is little for the vine to grab on a wall. 

Step One:
You’ll need to pound or screw in fasteners that can be used to support stainless steel wire for the vine to grow on. 

Step Two:
Once the fasteners and wire are in place, attach your young vines with VELCRO® Brand Garden Ties and VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Ties. Select tie colors that blend into the wall or greenery. These ties are strong enough to hold the vines to the wall, and durable enough to last until the vine gets established. 

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Step Three:
Train the vines to fill in blank spaces each year and keep it well watered and fertilized. 

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Voila! You’ve got a beautiful garden wall. In no time you’ll have a climbing wall of greenery and flowers that transforms the harshness of brick and cement.

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