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Design Inspired by Nature

We were proud to take part in this year’s “BIOMIMETICS—Design Inspired by Nature” exhibition. Beginning in 2013, the VELCRO® Brand has taken part in this beautiful gallery all around the world, including Barcelona, London, Lisbon and most recently, Shanghai, China.


While our own brand story has now become an integral part of popular culture, fashion and common home goods, it was actually invented on serendipity, inspired by a routine hike in the woods. In 1941, Swiss engineer and inventor George de Mestral was intrigued by the burdock burrs that kept sticking to his dog’s fur as they passed by the unique plants.

What resulted from George de Mestral’s routine hike in 1941 is perhaps the most well-known example of biomimicry in history. Looking to nature for inspiration, and creating man-made innovations leveraging the principles of nature, is the core of biomimicry. As the Biomimetics Exhibition is one devoted to art inspired by nature, the VELCRO® Brand felt right at home.

Check out the video below to learn more about the “BIOMIMETICS– Design Inspired by Nature” Exhibition.

Roca Galleries are part of Roca’s international strategy. It is not only a Physical space, but also a window that expresses stylish products and future challenges. Design, innovation, sustainability and well-being are Roca values expressed in the Galleries, which also provide a meeting place and area for open dialogue between professionals who share an interest and enthusiasm in shaping the future of bathroom spaces, at the same time, create a network for recognizing, explaining, developing and sharing.

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